The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial
The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial 

Material design and supply of fillers and reinforcements


Help in selecting the appropriate plant materials as a function of your processes and specifications


Supply of the fibres, shives, meal and reinforcements that meet the specifications of the main application markets (composites, plastics processing, concrete, insulation, etc.) we are developing


Development and production of custom plant materials that are traced and characterized (fibres, shives, reinforcements, etc.)

Short fibre range

Supply of a full range of European and exotic plant materials: flax, hemp, miscanthus, jute, sisal, coir, kenaf


Help in selecting the appropriate plant materials as a function of your processes/applications and specifications, e.g. polymer parts that are extruded (building & construction) or injected (automotive, furnishing, etc.), insulation, concrete, etc.


“Fiber Box” Offer: We provide a plant fibre specimen box for your formulation testing. All types of fibres 1-2 mm in length and plant meal  are available for rapid delivery. Other reference products are available with customized production (from 50 µm to 15 cm).

Reinforcement range

Supply of a range of plant-fibre reinforcements: roving, unidirectionals, nonwovens, multiaxials, fabrics


Help in selecting the appropriate reinforcements, with support up to their integration into materials: processing into composites by infusion, hand layup or hot forming


Short fibers range

Laurent BLEUZE

Materials Innovation Project Manager 

Phone : +33 3 51 14 13 66

Email :

Reinforcements range

Xavier Dreux

Biobased Materials Project Manager

Phone : +33 (0)7 76 14 14 38

Email :

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