The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial
The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial 

Carrying out tailored studies on the applicative development of technical plant fibres and making them available

To  guide its own strategy for innovation and development, FRD has developed strong study capabilities and a knowledge of the application markets, specifications, value development technologies, and available resources connected with the use of plant fibres. In this way, it has become a benchmark in the field in France.


Under the Sinfoni project, FRD coordinates the “Technical Plant Fibres for Materials” Observatory, which has just published its first statistical guide.

Custom-tailored studies (France and international)

  • Market studies
  • Strategic studies
  • Source and supply studies
  • Technological watch studies
  • Drafting the technical sections of patent applications
  • Critical reviews of LCAs


  • A dedicated team
  • Databases on French and international markets, products, patents, publications, studies
  • A network of manufacturers and research partners which allows to collect and qualify the informations, so as to have the robust, reliable data required

Our references

Topics Available studies under conditions Year of publication
Markets Statistical guide to the markets for technical plant fibres for use in materials in France (excluding wood), 48 p. 2020

Plant-based concrete : Study of the development potential of plant-based concrete in France 

Statistical guide to the markets for technical plant fibres for use in materials in France (excluding wood), 32 p 2017
The challenges of upgrading non-silvicultural biomass into biosourced materials, 20 p., FRD in collaboration with Bio by Deloitte 2016
Insulation market: Study on the development potential for natural insulation materials (hemp and flax), 146 p. 2015
Concrete market: State of the art on concretes containing plant shives, 28 p. 2008
Hemp concretes: An overview of the state of knowledge on hemp concretes and mortars, 102 p. 2008
Composite market: Segmentation in the markets for composite materials, 45 p. 2009
Processes Operational identification of industrial processes for controlled hemp retting for the new automotive and textile markets, 194 p. 2015
Converting miscanthus: Concept for a preparation platform for miscanthus, 115 p. 2013
Extraction processes: Taking stock of the performance of plant-fibre extraction processes, 73 p. 2009
Material performances Secondary materials: Study on the value development potential for biomass-derived secondary materials in the fields of chemistry and biosourced materials, 70 p, FRD in collaboration with Tech2market and CVG 2016
Oilseeds and materials: Study on the potential to use oilseed coproducts in materials 2016
Miscanthus and materials: Study on the potential to use miscanthus in materials, 63 p. 2009
Fibre performance: The state of scientific knowledge on plant fibres, 89 p. 2008
Resources Exotic fibres: An assessment of exotic fibre resources for use in materials, 139 p. 2012
European fibres: An assessment of the availability and accessibility of plant fibres for use in materials in France, 86 p 2011
Hemp resources: Study on potential hemp resources in France, 26 p. 2008
Environmental impact and end of life LCA: A comparative life cycle analysis of automotive door panels that are either biosourced (PP/flax and hemp fibres) or petrochemical-based (ABS), FRD in collaboration with Quantis and Ecotechnilin 2017
End of life (EOL): Identification of waste stocks and upgrade of EOL biosourced materials in France, 169 p., FRD in collaboration with Tech2market and Natureplast 2014
LCA: Life cycle analysis of biosourced materials, 105 p. 2013

All these studies are available in French and under conditions.

Traduction of the documents in English is possible under conditions.


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