The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial
The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial 

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Topics Available studies under conditions Year of publication
Markets Statistical guide to the markets for technical plant fibres for use in materials in France (excluding wood), 48 p. 2020

Plant-Based concrete : study of the development potential of plant-based concrete in France

Material performance Secondary materials: Study on the value development potential for biomass-derived secondary materials in the fields of chemistry and biosourced materials, 70 p, FRD in collaboration with Tech2market and CVG 2016
Ressources European fibres: An assessment of the availability and accessibility of plant fibres for use in materials in France, 86 p 2011
Environmental impact and end of life LCA: A comparative life cycle analysis of automotive door panels that are either biosourced (PP/flax and hemp fibres) or petrochemical-based (ABS), FRD in collaboration with Quantis and Ecotechnilin 2017

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Authors Date Titre Journal Volume
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Didane, N. 2013 The French supply chain for technical flax and hemp fibres gets organized Jec Magazine 80
Marrot L. & al. 2013 Analysis of the hemp fiber mechanical properties and their scattering (Fedora 17) Industrial Crops and Products 51
Marrot L. & al. 2013 Adhérence fibre de lin / matrice thermodurcissable biosourcée Comptes Rendus des JNC 18
Marrot L. & al. 2014 Multi-scale study of the adhesion between flax fibers and biobased thermoset matrices Materials and Design 62
Ribeiro A. & al. 2015 Microbial diversity observed during hemp retting Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology  
Hamdi S.F. & al. 2015 X-ray computed microtomography and 2D image analysis for morphological characterization of short lignocellulosic fibers raw materials : A benchmark survey Composites Part A  
Lozachmeur M. & al. 2015 Adhesion between flax fibre and biosourced thermoset resin JEC Magazine 93
Bono P. & al. 2015 Matériaux : les nouveaux champs de recherche et développement pour la valorisation des fibres végétales techniques (lin fibres et chanvre) Oilseeds & fats Crops and Lipids 22
Acera Fernández J. & al. 2016 Role of flax cell wall components on the microstructure and transverse mechanical behaviour of flax fabrics reinforced epoxy biocomposites Industrial Crops and Products 85
Placet V. & al. 2017 The influence of unintended field retting on the physico-chemical nad mechanical properties of industrial hemp bast fibres Journal of Materials Science 10
Fernandez-Tendero E. 2017 Changes in hemp secondary fiber production related to technical fiber variability revealed by light microscopy and attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy PlosOne 12
Placet V. & al. 2018 Industrial hemp transformation for composite applications: influance of processing parameters on the fibre properties Book (Springer) : Advances in Natural Fibre Composites: Raw Materials, Processing and Analysis  
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Puech L. & al. 2018 Investigating the impact behaviour of short hemp fibres reinforced polypropylene biocomposites through high speed imaging and finite element modelling Composites Part A 109
Réquilé S. & al. 2021 Exploring the dew retting feasibility oh hemp in very contrasting European environments :  Influence on the tensile mechanical prperties of fibres and composites Industrial Crops and Products 164
Bleuze L. 2021 The reality of today’s natural fibre markets and research paving the way to valorization (Part 1 & 2) JEC Composites Magazine 141 - 142
Nuez L. & al. 2021 Flax xylem as composite material reinforcement: Microstructure and mechanical properties Composites Part A 149
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