The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial
The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial 


FRD leads and participates in innovation and research projects on either innovative material design or the enhancement of plant fibres and reinforcements

Our research strategy

The purpose of FRD’s activities is to perfect and develop a range of fractions (fibres, meal, shives) and reinforcements (compounds, nonwovens, roving, unidirectionals, multiaxials) for the markets for first-, second- and third-generation materials.

The strategy to improve the range revolves around three priorities:

  1. Identifying key fibre properties as a function of the intended manufacturing process and the target application
  2. Establishing methods to characterize these key properties, at different material scales if necessary
  3. Improving the production processes for the fibres and associated materials in relation to key properties, in terms of understanding and controlling the parameters that influence such properties.

Our projects


Development of Valorisations of Materials and Molecules of Interest from the main regional Biomasses (Grand Est)

  • 5 Partners
  • 2,5 M€ Budget
  • Project Period : 2020-2022

Source : Agria Grand Est, Aeria, FRD, RITTMO, Crittbois


Odour remediation limiting the use of plant-based non-wovens, especially for the automotive sector

  • 3 partners
  • 520 k€ Budget
  • Project Period : 2021-2023

Source : EcoTechnilin


Development of a decision support tool for monitoring the quality of retted  hemp straw and fibre for use in materials

  • 3 partners
  • 144 k€ Budget
  • Project period : 2021-2022

Source : FRD


Development of fluid screeds based on vegetal fibres

  • 3 partners
  • 1,1 M€ Budget
  • Project period : 2019-2022

Source : FRD, ESTP, Vicat


Development of low environmental impact composite reinforcements from recycling technologies and plant fibres

  • 2 Partners
  • 1,6 M€ Budget
  • Project period : 2020-2022

Source : CETIM Grand Est


Development of conductive powder coatings

  • 2 partners
  • 650 k€ Budget
  • Project period 2019-2022

Source : LIFCO Industrie

CAFIPLA : Biowaste Valorisation

Combining carboxylic acid production and fibre recovery as an innovative, costeffective and sustainable pre-treatment process for heterogeneous bio-waste

  • 12 Partners
  • 4,5 M€ Budget
  • Project period : 2020 - 2023

Source : Idelux


Website: CAFIPLA

AGROBRANCHE : Valorisation of biomass from agroforestry

Improving the economic model of agroforestry biomass in the sectors of bio-based materials and chemicals

  • 6 Partners
  • 650 k€ Budget
  • Project period : 2018 - 2022

Source : Agroof



ENAFILIA: Lowering weight

Developing new lightweight polypropylene/hemp materials for the automotive injection market, by using treatments to improve the hemp fibre performance

  • 4 partners
  • €8 M budget
  • Project period: 2015-2018

SINFONI: Organizing a supply chain    

Creating the scientific, technological and industrial conditions for setting up a supply chain for technical flax and hemp fibres and preforms for the building & construction and transportation markets

  • 21 partners
  • €M 14.5 budget
  • Project period: 2012–2017

FINATHER: Mechanical reinforcement

Developing thermoset composites made from oilseed-based resins and flax or hemp reinforcements, for the transportation (automotive, railway) and furnishing sectors

  •  12 partners
  • €M 3.6 budget
  • Project period: 2011-2015

RIGHTLAB: Quality control

Developing measuring methods for hemp retting rates that are adapted for hemp market applications

  • 4 partners
  • €M 0.9 M€ budget
  • Project period: 2016-2019

ISOL: Heat insulation

Studying the feasibility of insulation materials based on hemp and natural oilseed-derived binders

  • 3 partners
  • €M 0.4 budget
  • Project period: 2009–2012

MAPROFI: Organizing supply chains

Identifying the impact of cultivation practices in the field on fibre quality

  • 5 partners
  • €M 1.1 budget
  • Project period: 2009-2014

CHAMAILLE: Creating sources of supply

Developing an environment-friendly hemp yarn to achieve a piqué knit product with a low environmental impact

  • 4 partners
  • €M 0.8 budget
  • Project period : 2013-2017

MATAGRAF: Controlled biodegradability

Formulating an innovative, renewable and biodegradable material for a  seasonal stapling system for the market-gardening, wine-growing and horticulture sector

  • 5 partners
  • €M 1 budget
  • Project period: 2013-2016
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APBTP: Acoustic insulation

Developing soundproof walls that contain plant shives

  • 5 partners
  • €M 1.4 budget
  • Project period: 2011-2014
© Construire en Chanvre

BIONICOMP: Functionalization

Improving the performance of composites made of thermoset elastomer matrices reinforced with natural fibres, using a radiation-induced grafting technique to ensure fibre/matrix adhesion

  • 7 partners
  • €M 3.2 budget
  • Project period: 2012–2016

ACTINAT: Functionalization    

Natural fibre activation by surface oxyfluorination treatment

  • 7 partners
  • €M 2.5 budget
  • Project period: 2015-2019

DEFIBREX: Modelling

Improving production processes for injected natural-fibre-reinforced parts for  plastics processing

  • 8 partners
  • €M 1.7 budget
  • Project period: 2013-2016

All of these projects have the support of:


Arnaud Day

Scientific Director

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