The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial
The development platform for plant-fibre-based biomaterial 

Performing customized research and innovation services towards the applicative development of technical plant fibres and making them available

Custom-tailored research contracts

  • Material innovation
  • Assistance with incorporating plant fibres as a substitute for mineral or organic fibres
  • Developing and transferring production processes
  • Continuous quality control, conducting analyses


  • A dedicated R&D team
  • Expertise in selecting and processing a range of materials suitable for industrial applications
  • Tried-and-tested expertise in research project creation and management and in preparing application forms for R&D financing
  • Supply of custom materials for laboratory and industrial testing, and to manufacturers during start-up of their activity
  • FRD-Lab is a technological centre that is unique in Europe. It is fully equipped for the following techniques:
    • Fractionation
    • Fonctionalization
    • Materials processing
    • Caracterization
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CIR Certification

FRD is certified by CIR, acknowledging its capacity to conduct research services, and providing for partial financial support to customers for research service fees.


Access to certification

Typical FRD research missions

Weight reduction


Controlled degradability

Agraffe de vigne - © C&B © C&B

Substitution of polymer

Caisse Ecocep - © Ecocep © Ecocep
Cep de vigne - © Ecocep © Ecocep

Mechanical properties

Regio 2N - ©SNCF © SCNF
Beton de chanvre - ©CenC © Construire en Chanvre

Thermal insulation

Laine et béton de chanvre - © FRD © FRD

Establishing a supply chain

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Arnaud DAY

Scientific Director

Phone : +33 (0)7 76 14 14 37


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